China 20/20: The Future of Mobile Payment in China (Free)

China 20/20: The Future of Mobile Payment in China (Free)

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China is home to the largest mobile network in the world, with millions of new users added every month. Recently, electronic payment services such as bankcards, online payment, and contactless smartcards have become extremely widespread among Chinese consumers. New, advanced smartphones, combined with the rapid development of e-payment industries is creating new opportunities for new services and inter-industry partnerships. Although China remains a largely cash-based economy, the growth potential for mobile payment in China has been enough to capture the attention of various multinational payment companies, mobile operators, and investors. In this whitepaper, we examine China’s mobile payment market through in-depth interviews with 20 industry leaders, including executives at leading payment providers, telecom operators, technology companies, and card issuers; we conclude by providing an outlook for the future of mobile payment development in China.

Key Market Players Included

  • Mobile Operators:  China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom
  • China Interbank Network: China UnionPay
  • Third-Party Payment Providers: Alipay, Tenpay, 99Bill, Chinabank Payment 

Key Topics Covered

  • China's mobile operators and rising number of mobile internet users
  • Third-party payment in mobile space
  • Partnerships between China's MNO's and financial institutions
  • The booming e-Commerce sector in China
  • Challenges faced by mobile payment industry
  • The future of mobile payment in China 

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. China's Mobile Operators - the Standard-Bearers?
  3. Third-Party Payment: Moving into Mobile
  4. The Future of Mobile Payment in China 

China 20/20: The Future of Mobile Payment in China was undertaken in partnership with Wirecard AG, a leading provider of electronic payment and risk management services.

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